Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems for Commercial Buildings

May, 2019


Presentation by

Jon-Erik Johnson, PE, Account Manager, Texas AirSystems

Chris Smelley, LG Regional Sales Engineer


In this program we will review the some of the newest technologies related to commercial HVAC systems: Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems. These systems offer many advantages over more conventional Direct Expansion (DX) systems such as zoning, efficiency, and low temperature heat pump operations.


Jon-Erik Johnson, PE – Account Manager
Jon-Erik graduated from UT Austin in 1992 with BSME in Mechanical Engineering. He began working as a sales engineer with the rep firm Paschal-Harper in December 1992. During his time at Paschal-Harper he was primarily focused on the introduction and growth of Mitsubishi VRF in central and south Texas as well as the sale of indoor pool dehumidification systems. Jon-Erik’s career at Texas AirSystems began on April 1, 2013. He is a licensed professional engineer in the State of Texas, earning his license in 2010.

Chris Smelley – LG Regional Sales
Chris graduated from Texas A&M in 2008 with BS in Industrial Distribution. He began working as a project manager in 2008 and ran a controls division of a mechanical contractor before moving to JCI in 2010. During his time at Johnson Controls he successfully managed over $8 million in projects of all types and sizes. Chris moved to Carrier in 2014 to start a VRF department in the South Texas region. Chris’s career at LG began in 2017 and he specializes in VRF design and installation.

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