Lighting — An Industry in fLUX

May, 2018

Presented by

John Campsmith

Director, Sales & Marketing

FSG Lighting


The lighting industry has seen its greatest decade of change since its inception. LED technology has rapidly affected every segment and channel like no other single technology in its history. Money has poured in and pulled out to create a vortex of activity. We will review the products and process of what the lighting industry is today and what we might expect from the industry in the next decade. The road is curvy with lots on onramps and exits. Does the potential of big data, IoT, and blue sky thinking expand the space to unprecedented market levels or will the lure of science destroy the art of good lighting?


Mr. Campsmith is a lighting industry expert with a career spanning over 25 years focused exclusively on lighting. His experience covers all aspects from sales, lighting design, branding and marketing communication, product development, divisional general management to executive business management. John has a proven track record of success with developing organizations as well as reenergizing established companies. His background includes virtually all segments of the industry from residential, commercial, industrial, as well as from white goods to artisan crafted customs. Mr. Campsmith holds a BS in marketing from Stephen F. Austin State University and an MBA from St. Mary’s College.

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