Hornsby Bend Methane BioGas Generator

October, 2018

Presented by

Gavin Dillingham, PhD

Program Director, Clean Energy Policy

Director, DOE’s Southwest CHP Technical Assistance Partnership

Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC)


Kenneth M. Lockard


Hornsby Bend Biosolids Management Plant

Austin Water

This is a renewable energy project at the City of Austin Hornsby Bend Biosolids Management Plant. This project replaces old, unusable equipment with modern “biogas rated” generation equipment. The new equipment produces Green Power by utilizing digester methane from the sludge treatment process without the use of fossil fuels. The result will demonstrate distributed green power generation, reduce the facility’s operating costs, and offset on-peak operation of the plant, thereby contributing to Austin Energy’s effort to avoid building new power generation plants. This project is done in conjunction with the Austin Water Utility’s plant upgrades and are funded through the EPA’s stimulus funding.


Dr. Gavin Dillingham is Program Director for Clean Energy Policy at HARC and Director of the US DOE’s Southwest Combined Heat and Power TAP. Dr. Dillingham joined HARC in 2012 where he leads research and program efforts focusing on improving the climate resilience of the electric power infrastructure and built environment. His current work at HARC includes studying and developing climate risk mitigation strategies for the public and private sector, climate action decision making and planning, and clean energy finance. Specific projects Dr. Dillingham is leading includes research on decision making in regards to the deployment of critical power infrastructure across the United States; a study on the deployment of climate resilience standards for the built environment; and research on corporate operational decisions in regards to climate vulnerability and risk.

Dr. Dillingham’s programmatic activity includes directing the Department of Energy’s Southwest Combined Heat and Power Technical Assistance Partnership which is tasked with improving community resilience and reducing energy waste through increased investment in CHP. He also leads HARC’s efforts with the Texas State Energy Conservation Office which is working on improving energy data access and the deployment of PACE financing.

Dr. Dillingham received his PhD in Political Science from Rice University in 2008 where he studied policy diffusion and adoption of natural resources policies across U.S. states.


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