Combined Heat and Power

June, 2018

Presented by

Carlos Gamarra, PE, CEM

Assistant Director, Research Associate

Houston Advanced Research Center


In this presentation, trends on Combined Heat and Power (CHP) markets and technology will be described. Contributions of CHP to resilience improvement of critical infrastructure will be presented through different schemes and case studies. And finally, the different ways the SouthCentral CHP Technical Assistance Partnership (TAP) is supporting and promoting the development of resilient CHP systems in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arizona, and Louisiana will be presented.

Carlos Gamarra is the Assistant Director of DOE’s South Central and Upper West CHP TAPs, and Research Associate for the Houston Advanced Research Center in The Woodlands, Texas working on clean energy systems integration with energy efficiency, cost efficiency, and resilience goals. Carlos began his career 12 years ago as a commissioning and MEP engineer for commercial, industrial, residential and energy infrastructure projects. After 4 years he moved to the energy efficiency industry working in more than 30 projects and covering the whole cycle from energy audits to project development including Energy Management Systems and Renewable Energy projects.

Carlos holds a B.S. in electrical engineering and a M.S. in Industrial Engineering. He is working in collaboration with UT Austin on his Ph.D. dissertation, developing a quick assessment tool for microgrid’s long-term profitability scenarios definition. He is a licensed PE and CEM, Scholarship Chairman of the AEE Houston chapter, and an IEEE member.

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