Big Data/IoT, and AI

August, 2019



Presented by

Ray Kamal, CEO

Entronix – Facility Analytics Platform


The Austin/San Antonio chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers is holding its August monthly luncheon at Grins Restaurant in San Marcos. The chapter meeting will cover two primary topics. First, the new officers will be introduced and spend some time discussing future chapter activities. Second, we will have a technical presentation on a very relevant and current topic related to big data and analytics.

The technical portion of the meeting will be led by Ray Kamal, CEO of Entronix – Facility Analytics Platform. Ray will discuss Big data, new approaches, and analytics to solve business problems, as well as how customers are monetizing Big data/IoT in commercial facilities and how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is stitching Big data/Internet of Things (IoT) to work together.

Ray Kamal, CEO of Entronix

Ray Kamal CEO of Entronix

Ray Kamal is the Co-Founder of Entronix and LINQ. He has over 20 years’ experience in building automation with over a decade as CEO of a national controls company. Ray’s Texas/Louisiana based R&D team is focused on developing the next generation of hardware and software technologies in the facilities industry.

A. Meet new officers
B. Discussion of chapter roles
C. Identify Chapter Goals
1. Short-term (6 to 12 months)
2. Long-term (24 months)
D. Technical Presentation
1. Ray Kamal

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